That’s the right recipe for filling your cupboard with junk.

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People who go shopping on an empty stomach buy
up to a third more junk food than shoppers who are
already fed. A curious study compared the effect of junk food
in two groups of people: the first had slept 9 hours a night while
the second had only 4 hours to rest. The result is shocking: seeing
the photos of burgers and fatty foods, people who had little sleep
– driven by a region of the brain that seeks the reward – felt much
more attracted to eating. Research shows that eating in the
morning boosts your metabolism to work much
better. After all, you are guaranteeing your source of energy
to face the day until lunchtime. However, your body may
respond differently to different types of food: one study
indicated that diets high in sugar can destabilize your
muscles’ ability to turn sugar into energy. A study from
Cambrigde found that men tend to consume more than two
hundred calories in the evening after dinner. When the
researchers asked them to cut back on the nightly snacks,
there was a reduction in fat and carbohydrates in the diet.